Tiktok Mass Downloader

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TikTok Mass Downloader

TikTok is a Chinese social network and music video platform launched in September 2016 by Zhang Yiming, the founder of Toutiao. The app allows users to create their own short music videos. TikTok has been downloaded more than 130 million times in the United States, and has reached 2 billion downloads worldwide.

Many international artists also play TikTok, they make short videos for entertainment purposes and also work (promotion). Not only artists, but also many Youtubers who have also entered TikTok, such as Zach King, who has video manipulation content.

Therefore many people want to download videos - videos that are on TikTok for them to save and share. There have been many TikTok video downloaders circulating on the internet, but the majority of TikTok video downloaders are only single video downloaders or only allow downloading 1 video at a time, while many people want to download many videos with one click, so this is where astechroid.com solves the problem. by creating the feature.

TikTok Mass Downloader has a similar way of working with other TikTok video downloaders, only with the advantage that it can generate many TikTok video links for download and save them in text format that users can download.

TikTok Mass Downloader is made very simply using only native PHP and HTML, using Bootstrap as its Front End Framework.

The interface of the TikTok Mass Downloader app by astechroid.com

TikTok Mass Downloader - Interface

In the initial display, you will only be presented with a text area that can be filled with a collection of TikTok video links.

How to use this application, here is the tutorial

  1. Fill in the list of TikTok video links by replacing the line
    TikTok Mass Downloader - List

  2. Click Submit and wait for loading to finish

  3. A preview of the TikTok user profile will appear on the right and a list of download links at the bottom of the page
    Tiktok Mass Downloader - Submitted

  4. To download a list of video download links, you can click the blue button at the bottom of the profile preview
  5. Tiktok Mass Downloader - as text

  6. To download videos one by one, you can click the green Download button
Tiktok Mass Downloader - as file

It's pretty easy isn't it to download multiple TikTok videos at once?

Future updates:

  1. Download as a zip feature, this zip will contain a collection of videos to be downloaded, so users only need to click download once to download hundreds of videos.
  2. The feature gets all video links on TikTok user profiles, so you no longer need to copy and paste video links one by one, just paste the TikTok user link then you can download all the videos at once

These features will be coming soon to the TikTok Mass Downloader application, just wait for the release date, stay tuned at astechroid.com to get other updated information, especially regarding TikTok Mass Downloader.

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