Auto Exploit Upload File on CBT (Computer Based Test) Website

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Auto Exploit Upload File on CBT (Computer Based Test) Website

Auto Exploit for uploading a file on CBT (Computer Based Test) Website will be released soon, what you need to do is just wait on my new post at this site.


Here we go again with a new Tool that can make your life more easily, you can get many sites only with one action. This tool is PHP Based, so you can run this Tool where ever you are without need install any libraries.


If you have Bing Grabber or Google Grabber, you will be more than a God with this Tool. The first step is, you need to collect many sites with vulnerable CBT bug, save the list in sites.txt.

Site list
After that, open Terminal / CMD based on your Operating System. Go to your Tool location directory, then type php tool.php like what I was to do at the picture below.

Command to run tool

This Tool exploiting many uploader bugs, not only one vulnerable bug, so his Tool takes a lot of time not what you might expect.

Exploit Result

You can go to your kitchen then make some snack until this Tool is finished working. Don't panic if you think the result will be un-scrollable, the result will be stored to cbts.txt file.

File Result

After the Tool is finished working, you can check the cbts.txt file. Whooolaa.... your file is uploaded and you can go to your file by paste-ing to your browser.


Download Tools : Click Here! (Comming Soon)

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