Auto Exploit Student ID Card System (Sistem Kartu Pelajar)

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Auto Exploit Kartu Pelajar

At this moment I want to share my new tools to Auto Exploiting Student ID Card System bug.

After some time ago I shared the Auto Exploit SIK Tools.

Many people have shared tutorials on exploiting this bug, but all of them are done manually by using a CSRF file.

Of course, this method is very tiring, because we have to try one by one.

This tool was created that will make it easier for you to exploit this application bug.

The first thing you have to do, is to find as many websites as you want to hack.

Then enter the website that you got into this field, then press the Fire button below and wait for these tools to work.

At the bottom of the page will appear the exploitation process of the website that we filled earlier.

If the website is successfully hacked, a green Exploited text will appear. You can directly click the link on the left of the text.

Then a new page will open with an uploader, from here you can upload your backdoor shell.

That's a tutorial on using the Auto Exploit Tool for this Student Card Application.

Link to Auto Exploit Tool: I will share the tools in the next post, so keep an eye on this blog

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