Transfer Crypto Assets from INDODAX to Other Markets

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BTT Delisting from Indodax

As part of the previously announced BTT network transfer. BTT asset purchasing and selling activities, which were scheduled to resume on February 14, 2022, have been postponed and could resume in May 2022.
The delay is due to the Indodax team's ongoing efforts to improve the BTT network and market system infrastructure for our users.

Of course, the freezing of BTT assets on Indodax will prevent our money from moving around, therefore one option currently is to transfer assets from Indodax wallets to other market wallets.

For example, I'm transferring assets from the Indodax market to the Poloniex market; of course, BTT transactions are still possible on the Poloniex market.

1. If you don't have a Poloniex account yet, you can register a new account first via the following link: If you already have an account, then go straight to the second stage.

2. Click on the wallet menu in the upper right corner of the page

Wallet Poloniex

3. Select deposit, then look for the coin you want to deposit, namely BTT
4. Select Deposit on Tron
5. Then copy the wallet id shown under the Barcode

Poloniex Wallet Address

6. Switch to the Indodax website, then click on the wallet in the upper right corner

Indodax Wallet

7. Look for BTT coins then select Withdraw / Tarik
8. Fill in the amount of BTT to be transferred, select the address you want to go to, if you have never transferred assets, then create a new address then paste the wallet id that was copied earlier

Form Transfer Indodax

9. Click send sms to get the SMS PIN, after receiving the sms then enter the pin and click Send to send the asset to the Poloniex wallet
10. Open your email to confirm your BTT asset transfer

Email Confirmation Indodax

11. After you confirm, your transaction history status will be approved, wait until this status changes to complete 

After Confirmation Indodax

12. If the transaction status has changed to completed, please check your Poloniex wallet, then your BTT assets have been successfully transferred to Poloniex wallet

Poloniex Success Transfer

These are the steps for transferring your BTT assets from one market wallet to another.

This also applies to other crypto assets; the important thing to remember is that your wallet id address must match; else, your assets will be gone.

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